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The Benefits of Copper Awnings
Awnings have many purposes and can increase your quality of life substantially during the long summer. In Toronto and the GTA, we must endure dramatic heat waves continually throughout the summer months. As we are often forced inside during the rest of the year, it is nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors in as comfortable a manner as possible. For that reason, there are many benefits to adding awnings to your home.
Awnings can provide extra shade for your patio, in turn increasing your amount of usable space. The space under an awning can be up to 20 degrees cooler then the temperature. You can sit outside longer and enjoy the sunny days, rather then remaining indoors with the air-conditioner turned up on full-blast. Awnings can also protect your patio and outdoor furniture from elements such as rain, leaves, bird mess and color fade from the sun.
If you are going to invest in awnings, it only makes sense to use the most durable material that in turn delivers the most benefits. By choosing copper awnings, you can rest assured that your awnings will last for years without ever needing to be replaced. Copper has a lifespan of up to 100 years. Fabric awnings fade and deteriorate quickly, leaving them looking shabby and unattractive. Like other materials such as aluminum or plastic, fabric will absorb heat. Copper naturally reflects heat, thereby creating a cooler outdoor environment. By adding copper awnings, you are also reducing the amount of heat that enters your home, which in turn helps reduce expensive cooling costs. Awnings prevent light from entering your home, thereby protecting your carpet and furniture from fading in the sun.
Copper is the most durable material in face of the harsh Canadian elements, meaning that you will not have to bother with them during the winter or autumn. Copper is very strong, thus keeping heavy snow and fallen leaves off of your stoop or patio, which can protect people from slipping and falling. Copper does not rust, corrode or deteriorate and is therefore the most logical material for awnings.
In addition to being practical, copper can provide an elegant look to any home or building. Copper can be mended to your home’s style and this gives you many options in how you would like to improve your home’s appearance. Rather then taking away from the look and feel of your building, a copper awning can actually enhance the aesthetic. Copper Works Canada offers a variety of awnings that can be suited to your building with perfection. You can begin to enjoy the summer in style and comfort.

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